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Official Poster & Trailer

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9903 Santa Monica Blvd  Suite 3300

Beverly Hills CA 90212


“The epic battle of David and Goliath”

“The people in the towns nearby shouted, danced and sang for joy because of

David's victory over Goliath.”

Samuel Chapters 16-18


In the beginning there was Robert Redford the “DAVID” of independent filmmaking. His passion to make “Jeremiah Johnson”, a small but very powerful film would be his “STONE” to cast. The stone flew at the big Hollywood GOLIATHand hit with a thunderous blow.  It shookGoliathbut didn’t kill the monster.  Mr. Redford knew in order for others like him to stand a chance at defeating or at least competing with Goliath, they would need a place to hone their skills and thus the SUNDANCE INSTITUTEwas born. The institute was and still is the training facility for warriors such as, filmmakers, screenwriters, composers, writers, playwrights and theatre artists. A place for creative, independent risk-taking.


'JOURNEY TO SUNDANCE’ is about the spirit, dreams and struggles of independent filmmakers from all over the world, as well as my own struggles to finish this enormous undertaking.  

It was a 13-year battle to finish this film when I was invited to screen it at the ‘Alternative Light’ Exhibition Monaco, September 2011. To my surprise, the exhibit was dedicated to ROBERT REDFORD’s pencil sketches he did in College in 1957. As FATE would have it, my booth happened to be next to Sibylle Szaggars-Redford, his wife, who was there on Robert’s behalf. She was surprised that my film was about her husband and took a copy home. A month later Sibylle informed Bob and her watched the film and loved it. 

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